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File: common.szs

Layout Files in common.szs


These aren't all files, because either the function is unknown or the component is unimportant.

Filename Hypothetical full name Function
BgNml.bflyt BackGround Normal background panel
BtnDialogNml.bflyt Dialog Button Normal applet button
BtnLineNml.bflyt Button Line Normal Button seperator colors
DBaseNml.bflyt Dialog Base Normal Applet background
DBtmBaseNml.bflyt Dialog Bottom Base Normal background Blur / Dropdown list background
DCntIconLauncherText.bflyt Dialog Content Icon Launcher Text Close Current Software textbox
Cursor3.bflyt Cursor3 Cursor
Footer.bflyt Footer An empty footer component
FooterAll.bflyt FooterAll The actual footer component. Contains all other footer components
FooterBtn.bflyt LineFooter Start (A), Options (+), etc.
FooterCtrl.bflyt LineFooter Controller/Switch Icon
LineFooter.bflyt LineFooter The actual footer line
SystemAppletFader.bflyt System Applet Fader Applet Background Colors