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File: Enterance.szs Main bflyt file: EntMain.bflyt

Layout Files in Enterance.szs


These aren't all files, because either the function is unknown or the component is unimportant.

Filename Hypothetical full name Function
BgMask.bflyt BackGround Mask background mask image/color
EntBtnLock.bflyt Enter Button Lock Contains the 3 unlock dots & text
EntMain.bflyt Enterance Main Main Page
EntBtnResumeSystemApplet.bflyt Enterance Resume System Applet Button Resume Icon for system applets
EntBtnLockIndicator.bflyt Enterance Button Lock indicator Contains the main information/themable aspect of the 3 unlock dots
HudSignal.bflyt Hud Signal icons Contains the Hud icons for plane/wifi/ethernet
EntBtnResumeGame.bflyt Enterance Button Resume Game Resume for Game Icon & user who suspended
BatteryConsole.bflyt Console Battery Icons for the battery
PageindicatorDotAlarm.bflyt Page indicator Dot Alarm
PageindicatorAlarm.bflyt Alarm dots?
EntBtnBack.bflyt Enterance Button Back back button & icon
EntIcoAlarmResumeGame.bflyt Enterance Icon Alarm Resume Game
Hud.bflyt Hud Contains all the HUD information
HudBatteryNum Hud Battery Numbers battery % & Numbers
EntBtnNftLock.bflyt Enterance Button Notification Lock news/ movie icons?
EntBtnNft.bflyt Enterance Button Notification
EntBtnCenterAlarmClose.bflyt Enterance Button Close Alarm Close Alarm Button
EntBtnCenter.bflyt Enterance Button Button
GTNumM.bflyt G Time Number Medium Number text/icon in the hud
GTNumL.bflyt G Time Number Large Number text/icon in the hud
EntBtnChildLock.bflyt Enterance Button Child Lock Child Lock Button with icons