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File: Flaunch.szs
Main bflyt file: FlcCntMain.bflyt

Layout Files in Flaunch.szs


These aren't all files, because either the function is unknown or the component is unimportant.

Filename Hypothetical full name Function
BaseBg.bflyt BaseBackground Contains a loading indicator for when the list is still loading
BgNml.bflyt BackgroundNormal Contains menu background pane + 'exelixbg'
Cursor3.bflyt Cursor3 Cursor
FlcBalloon.bflyt FullLauncherBalloon App name balloon
FlcBtnIconGame.bflyt FullLauncherButtonIconGame The game icon layout. Used for all icons
FlcBtnIconGameBlock.bflyt FullLauncherButtonIconGameBlock A row with six of the FlcBtnIconGames
LineHeader_Root.bflyt LineHeader Root The horizontal line that is shown in the header
TextH1.bflyt TextHeader1 The complete header component

Not finished yet