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Menu Files

In order to work efficiently, it is important to understand the structure of the Switch's menus and get familiar with the theming slang. This and a few following pages will introduce you to some basics.

The Switch's menus can be found in multiple firmware files. Separated into multiple applets. The following table shows which menus (supported in themes) can be found where:

Applet CodeName TitleID Menus
qlaunch 0100000000001000 common, Home Menu, Lockscreen, All Apps, News, Settings
playerSelect 0100000000001007 Player Select
myPage 0100000000001013 User Page

Almost all menu-related applets also have a common.szs file that defines structures that should be used throughout all menus in the applet. They often contain the bottom bar (controller status, buttons). Custom themes unfortunately only support modifying the common.szs file in the qlaunch applet, and not the ones in playerSelect or myPage.


Every menu has its own file. Here is a list of the supported menus and their filenames:

Menu Filename
common (qlaunch) common.szs
Home Menu ResidentMenu.szs
Lockscreen Entrance.szs
All Apps Flaunch.szs
News Notification.szs
Settings Set.szs
Player Select Psl.szs
User Page MyPage.szs

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