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File: ResidentMenu.szs
Main bflyt file: RdtBase.bflyt

Layout Files in ResidentMenu.szs


These aren't all files, because either the function is unknown or the component is unimportant.

ResidentMenu.szs is the switch home screen it's the "main" menu of the switch normally .nxtheme files have common.szs patch inside the same file as the home screen

Filename Hypothetical full name Function
BatteryConsole.bflyt BatteryConsole Battery (Icon)
BgNml.bflyt BackgroundNormal Contains menu background pane + 'exelixbg'
Cursor3.bflyt Cursor3 Cursor
GTNumL.bflyt GeneralTimeNumberLarge Time (Numbers)
GTNumM.bflyt GeneralTimeNumberMedium Time (Numbers)
Hud.bflyt Hud Wrapper for all other hud components
HudBatteryNum.bflyt HudBatteryNumber Battery (Percent)
HudSignal.bflyt HudSignal Network connnection indicator
HudTime.bflyt HudTime Time (AM, PM, Colon)
RdtBalloon.bflyt ResidentMenuBalloon App name balloon
RdtBalloonCtrl.bflyt ResidentMenuBalloonController Controller (dis)connect notification popup
RdtBalloonSystemApplet.bflyt ResidentMenuBalloonSystemApplet Applet name balloon
RdtBase.bflyt ResidentMenuBase The main wrapper
RdtBtnChangeUser.bflyt Resident Button Change User Switch user text (usually blue)
RdtBtnChildLock.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonChildLock Child lock button
RdtBtnCtrl.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonController Controller applet button
RdtBtnFullLauncher.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonFullLauncher Open Full Launcher (All Apps menu)
RdtBtnIconGame.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonIconGame The game icon layout. Used for all 12 icons
RdtBtnMyPage.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonMyPage User account button
RdtBtnNtf.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonNotification News applet button
RdtBtnPow.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonPower Power applet button
RdtBtnPvr.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonPictureviewer Album applet button
RdtBtnSet.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonSettings Settings applet button
RdtBtnShop.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonShop eShop applet button
RdtBtnLR.bflyt ResidentMenuButtonLR Nintendo Switch Online applet button
RdtIconPromotion.bflyt ResidentMenuIconPromotion