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szs, bflyt, bflan files

Here is a non-exhaustive list of UI components that can be animated.

ResidentMenu.szs (home screen)
.bflyt UI element Notable .bflan files
RdtBase entire home screen menu RdtBase_Enter (animation upon unlocking the console to home screen)
RdtBtnIconGame game button RdtBtnIconGame_Active, RdtBtnGame_Inactive
RdtBtnFullLauncher all software applet button RdtBtnFullLauncher_Active, RdtBtnFullLauncher_Inactive
RdtBtnPvr album applet button RdtBtnPvr_Active, RdtBtnPvr_Inactive
RdtBtnCtrl controllers applet button RdtBtnCtrl_Active, RdtBtnCtrl_Inactive
RdtBtnSet settings applet button RdtBtnSet_Active, RdtBtnSet_Inactive
RdtBtnPow power button RdtBtnPow_Active, RdtBtnPow_Inactive
RdtBtnMyPage user profile button RdtBtnMyPage_Active, RdtBtnMyPage_Inactive
Set.szs (settings applet)
.bflyt UI element Notable .bflan files
BtnNav_Root Navigation menu tab BtnNav_Root_Active, BtnNav_Root_Inactive
Flauncher.szs (all software applet)
.bflyt UI element Notable .bflan files
FlcBtnIconGame game icon in the main and group screens FlcBtnIconGame_Active, FlcBtnIconGame_Inactive
FlcBtnIconGameEdit game icon in the create group and add/remove software screens FlcBtnIconGameEdit_Active, FlcBtnIconGameEdit_Inactive

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