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Stationary Game Icons

Doge Layout by Such Meme, Many Skill

Examples of layouts that show what stationary game icons look like are Doge Layout and Two Row layout.


If you don't actually want to make the icons stationary, but want to move the gamerow, see Repositioning and Scaling the Gamerow.

Firmware ≥8.x

Ever since 8.0 came out, stationary game icons have been a bit of a pain to get working properly. This is because 8.0 introduced looped scrolling in the home menu. Another factor was that some behaviour regarding hitboxes was changed.

In order to get stationary icons to function properly from this version onwards, the following steps should be followed:


  1. Set the x,y scale of RootPane to a custom value. Remember this value and let's call it p.
  2. Set the x,y scale of B_Hit to 1.0/p
  3. Set the width,height of B_Hit to 264*p. 264 is the default value for width and height, but it might get changed in a future version.


  1. Set the width of N_ScrollWindow to 100000.0
  2. Set the x,y coordinates of N_GameRoot to coordinate where you want your first game icon to be.
  3. Set the x scale of N_GameRoot to 0.00001
  4. Set the x coordinate of N_Game to 0.0 (!)
  5. Set the x scale of N_Game to 100000.0
  6. Set the x,y coordinate of N_Icon_00 to 0.0
  7. Set the x,y coordinate of N_Icon_[01-11] to the positions you want. If I remember correctly, the scale p has an influence on this. Move icons that you don't want to be shown to (1;9999).
  8. Set the x,y coordinate of N_Icon_12 (the all apps button) to the position you want. If I remember correctly, the scale p has an influence on this.
  9. Set the x,y scale of L_BtnFlc to p.
  10. Change the y scale of N_ScrollArea and N_ScrollWindow to increase the size of the touch area. You will notice that some icons cannot be tapped if you haven't configured this correctly.
    • Optionally change the y coordinate


Even slightly deviating from the values above might cause the cursor not being able to reach the icon, or not being able to tap the icon using the touch screen. However, if you find that these values do not work in your case, the only option would be to mess around with the positions of the panes (not the scale).

Firmware <8.x

On firmware version 7.x and lower, it is fairly easy to move the game icons around. In order to make them stationary do the following:

  1. Change the x,y scale of RootPane in RdtBtnIconGame.bflyt to your likings
  2. Change the x scale of N_Game in RdtBase.bflyt to 100000.0
  3. Reposition the game icons N_Icon_[01-12] in RdtBase.bflyt to your likings

Credits to Migush