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Here are some tools that might be useful for theming and other types of modding.


Some of these tools are used in LayoutKit. Those that are, are marked with .

Theming Tools

  • Switch-Toolbox
    Supported filetypes: See this list
    The Switch Toolbox can open and modify many file formats you might encounter when, for example, modding games. This is a visual editor. It also has support for the Switch's menu files and can often even preview them!
  • Switch Theme Injector
    Supported filetypes: szs, nxtheme, json
    • Switch Theme Injector (Windows app) : An app to create and edit custom themes.
    • Switch Theme Injector Online (also called WebInjector): A port of the windows injector as a web app, however, it lacks some features like custom icons and common.szs support.
    • NXThemes Installer: An homebrew app that runs on the switch itself and can be used to install and manage themes.
  • Switch Layout Editor
    Supported filetypes: blfyt, bflan
    The Switch Layout Editor was specially developed for creating custom layouts. This is a visual editor. A basic introduction to the tool is available here.
  • 3DSKit
    Supported filetypes: See this list
    3DSKit can convert many Nintendo formats to more common file formats and vice versa. A few output types are: audio files, images, json, and txt. You need a text editor to modify the output.
  • SARC-Tool
    Supported filetypes: sarc, arc, szs
    A tool for extracting and packing SARC/SZS files. Makes use of SarcLib and libyaz0.
  • BNTX-Extractor
    Supported filetypes: bntx
    Extracts textures from the Binary NX Texture (BNTX / .bntx file extension) format used in Switch games, and saves them as DDS.
  • BNTX-Editor
    Supported filetypes: bntx
    A tool for editing Binary Resources Texture (BNTX) files.

Other Tools

  • Kuriimu2
    Supported filetypes: See this list
    Kuriimu2 is a general purpose game translation project manager and toolkit for authors of fan translations and game mods. This tool also works for the Switch's menus. Here's an example of a fan-translation in Polish.
  • Game Icon Customizer
    Supported filetype: N/A
    An application to simplify the method of changing game icons in Atmosphere.